2021  First Friday Dates

Uptown Mt. Lebanon is the place to be for a lively and fun family-friendly Friday. Our musicians will appear onstage at the Clearview Common pavilion. Please join us! All shows are FREE and run from 6 – 9 pm.

PLEASE NOTE: We will continue to have live musicians as long as the weather and COVID -19 cooperate. We will follow state guidelines regarding outdoor gatherings as information is released.


September 3rd – Christopher Mark Jones

Reviews of Looking For The Light “Christopher Mark Jones is an amazing songwriter and his most recent recording, Looking for the Light, is proof. The compelling raspiness of his voice combined with the simplicity and gentleness of the melodies bring out depths of sincerity and truth in each song.”


October 1st – Dan Petrich

Dan is a singer/songwriter from Pittsburgh, PA. He released his first solo album, Sycamore Tales, in 2009 and his second Of Devils, Gods, and Men in 2018.



November 5th – TBD