Thanks for participating in our mission! The last day to email your rescue results is December 29th.
Winners will be announced January 4th!

Kids, can you help?

During last’s week storm many of our elf brothers and sisters were blown around and scattered across Mt. Lebanon. Can you help us find them? We’re going to need their help to make all the toys on the long, long list that the Big Guy gave to us. We’re running out of time! We really need your help!

Adults, can you help your young ones help the elves?
We need all hands on deck to find our friends. The child (or family) that helps find the most missing elves gets a special reward. There are first, second and third place prizes for those who find the most elves in the fastest timeframe (time and date of email submission).


This mission is for kids 10 and under. But parents and siblings can help! To submit an entry, take a picture of every elf you see in the business districts (Uptown & Beverly Rd). There are 50 elves missing and they are numbered 1 through 50. And there are bonus elves, too (read below)!


There are 15 bonus elves playing hide and seek (just to confuse us) in the workshop located at 651 Washington Road in Uptown. Take pictures of them and include them in your total rescue submissions. Thanks for all your hard work on this rescue mission!


Email your photos to Eric Milliron at Include your child’s name and the best email address to reach you. Please use the subject line ELF Search + Rescue Submission when you send them.